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May 17, 2012 / hachidarksky

120517 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun jokingly teased for losing the #1 spot to Huh Gak

i want to watch this Radio Star soo much XD


Kyuhyun explained why Huh Gak was able to triumph Super Junior for the #1 spot in the past.

On the May 16th episode of MBC ‘Radio Star‘, MC Yoo Sae Yoon introduced guest Huh Gak, stating, “He is the first ‘Super Star K’ alumnus to triumph Super Junior for the #1 spot.”

All in good fun of getting the maknae MC riled up, Yoo Sae Yoon then faced Kyuhyun and teased, “You lost?” Yoon Jong Shin joined in on the joke stating, “I heard they got obliterated,” evoking laughter amongst the guests.

Kyuhyun tried to explain patiently, “It happened when we started promoting our follow-up song after ‘Mr.Simple’ had been #1 for five weeks straight.” However, he soon lost his composure as he blurted, “5 weeks is a lot too… what more do you want!” causing everyone to continue roaring in laughter over the hilarious banter.







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