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May 17, 2012 / hachidarksky

080726 Heechul’s CY World Update + Heebum ran away??? missing???!

heebummmmmmiee *w*

Endless L.O.V.E ♥ ~

2008.07.26 12:19

Title: Name

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Which would be good?
Jungmo (X-mas from Trax) and I held our heads together and thought through it much..

* Tell Me
* Champagne
* Gaegood (Very good)
* Gaettabong (Very impressive?)

Which would be good? (-┏)

Within today I shall collate all the applications for names with my type of style ㄱㄱ
At the fancafe and elsewhere too ㄱㄱ

To add on,

* Su Bak Yi Bak Su (From Rokkugo lyrics)
* Ttutturu Du Ttuttu (From SNSD’s Kissing You lyrics)
* Omona

Gaeteuk is a nickname that I put my mind into creating, so I’ll pass on that (-┏)

*Translated by ilovejr
Credits; OnlySJ13, OnlyHeechul

**Well, picture above is Heechul’s new cat. I think it’s a gift from his fans.


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OMONA!!!!!! Many said that Heebum ran away! T______T; I REALLLLY HOPE IT’S NOT TRUE, AND JUST A RUMOR!!! It’s heartbreaking just thinking about the…

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