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May 17, 2012 / hachidarksky

#pandaism for my friend


I’m back with my randompost and randomscratch!!

this time…

I remembered a request from my friends @/auliagusta, she’s my classmate :3

she requested me to draw a panda again for her XDD

  • my previous panda for her :3

and now, it’s my panda again for her!!


  • draft

  • finished

### 8(>w<8) 8(>w<)8 (8>w<)8###

I think it’s a little bit dirty.. but it looks good for me, thinking for my other pandas drawing..

I posted it on my twitter and also mentioned her..


oh… I did it……. #cries

I shall work hard for my other drawin’ !! yeaaa~~~

that’s all from my superandom!!

keep randoming!! #LOL ♥♥

thanks to :

# @/auliagusta (for requesting! she’s such a cute person.. just like panda!)

# paint tool SAI (because this amazing application I can draw freely)

#bamboo (because with this I can draw directly in my laptop)

#wacom (for creating bamboo)

#draft (because I started with drafting , I can draw this)

# everyone (yea~ all of you~)


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