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May 31, 2012 / hachidarksky

Cho Ahra Cyworld update about Kyuhyun :)

[Ahra’s CY update on 2009.03.13 Friday 03:15]

“@OurGyuhyun: about Kyuhyun~~so touched :”> omg ♡♡♡

Day by day , I am waiting for you to finish your tired schedule from morning until midnight to get back home
Press the Ipop play button.
Even if only for a moment, we noisily chit chating happily with kind of stories.
At that time, we both are obviously were very tired and sleepy
But even it is a very short period of time, but is also like an appointment between you and me to follow it
The small room were packed without you, it could be acutally so empty
Well, it is not the first time already. I am sending you away once or twice. The places without you is really empty.
You stack up your clothes at home orderly, why would the tears cover my sight . You are beside me seeing me writing the index, one by one to confirm it.
Collect your things which is here and there, watching you packing you luggage, I do not know why am I feeling so sad
Although starting tomorrow, you gonna start your tired schedule again , living in a tired life day and day
But do remember that your family would always beside of you, thanks to those who keep praying for you, give support to you, do take care of themself. Without any regret and strive to become the best of yourself.

After you left who am I going to play with ? (he) keep crying and also feel so sad. but me … I play “search for kyuhyun” game heheheh .. seems a little abnormal .. last time I use to look for you like that , right after i found you it seems so pitty and miserable . While looking at him , (he) burst into tears all in a sudden . Even thought it seems a little rude , and also nearly younger than me , but still because of the heart of loving you ,thats why I wouldn’t lost faith ! All you need to do is , while im trying so hard to look for you in my sight , please suppringsingly turn out with saying “zzan” besides all this , i have nothing to give you . Please dont be sad , keep your hardwork , son ar , fighting !

[sr: ahra’s cy , purpleflower0203 ]] Trans from chi to eng by @kyumin_101203 for @OurGyuhyun]


[ I got confirmed by @OurGyuhyun to post this ^^ ]


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