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September 22, 2012 / hachidarksky

* H I A T U S * A L E R T *

sorry for telling you SUPER late about this ..

but I’m getting busy with this college life OTL

I’ll be undergo some hiatus around one unknown semester maybe.. /dammitmyinspiration/

a semi super-semi hiatus, bcuz if I have some free time (maybe orz) I’ll try to continue my fanfiction

I’ll leak the title of my new fanfiction..

for you to anticipate it ..

but still, all the fanfiction in Indonesian language ofc ^^a


so here it is, the Title .



The Fact – Lee Hyukjae / Eunhyuk (Parted, THE FINAL PART (3) of ‘The Fact‘)

Those Smile I Know – Kim Jongwoon / Yesung (Oneshot, Trilogy of ‘Extra Tutorial of Love’)

Subway Fever – Cho Kyuhyun (Oneshot, Final Trilogy of ‘Extra Tutorial of Love‘)

Lights Go On Again – Lee Sungmin (Oneshot, Sequel of ‘Just Before Shock‘)

It Has To Be You – Kim Jongwoon / Yesung (Oneshot)



about.. when I’ll post it …

ah LOL.

i don’t even know when I can continue all of it ..

just anticipate it ..

oh, and anticipate.. um.. maybe a random oneshot, or shortstory fanfiction about my lovely husband, Cho Kyuhyun too from me.. kekekeke :p

everything for my lovely Kyu ofc XD

Sparks, wait for my fanficition ok! XDDD


# NEW FOR SPARKS >> Take Me Away [ Cho Kyuhyun Fanfiction ]

# NEW FOR APRIL FOOL’S DAY >> I’m The Winner ! [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ]

# NEW REMAKE-REWRITE >> Marry U [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ]

# NEW FOR KYU-BIRTHDAY >>  A Sweet Gift [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ]


ok that’s all about my * H I A T U S * A L E R T * post ..

good day everyone !

have a blast everyday~



p.s. about the title, maybe.. I’ll change it with a better one in my mind, but well, just anticipate it!

~ T H A N K S   A G A I N ~



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