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July 19, 2013 / hachidarksky

[Lyrics] Led apple (레드애플) -ギミ・君・LOVE MV

gimme kimi love


first, congrats for LED Apple for their first japanese album~ !

second, congrats for making the funniest MV !

third, congrats for your hardwork for LEDAs !



so now, it’s for the MV or PV they called .


Led apple (레드애플) -ギミ・君・LOVE MV




HILARIOUS ! kekekekekeke XD

Kyumin and Hanbyul who fight with something that is soo lol XD

and the storyboard… is it really Kyumin who drew it? woaa i’m a huge fans now *.*)

and they really have fun with their MV here.. it’s good..

any k-pop & k-band should enjoy their time making their own mv as well~

of course they do, stupid me. lol.

well, maybe that’s all my review now..

it’s just too funny to make a bad review about this lol XD

LED Apple hwaiting !

Hanbyullie I love your voice~ and that cheeky smile too XD

stared by Kyuhyun


for the lyrics of  Led apple (레드애플) -ギミ・君・LOVE [ Gimme Kimi LOVE ]

I still can’t find it anywhere ;___;)

you can see here guys :3

and if you are LEDAs just like me~

follow them too !

they sub everything LED Apple do !



i’ll update if I found the romaji and english lyrics of this MV so you can sing along with them~




okay then, see you next time !



Famous ・ Gimme Kimi LOVE ・ JUMP !

gimme kimi love lol

cap by hachidarksky [instagram]





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