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FanFiction Indonesian Language

here you go!

some indonesian language fanfiction to read!

enjoy reading mine~

and please leave a comment for my improvement :3


Marry U [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ]


  • KyuRin’s

Sparkling You (PART 1 untill final part)

This Fluffy Thing Called Love ? (PART 1untill final part)

  • Yesung’s

Let It Snow (PART 1 untill final part)

  • Eunhyuk’s

The Fact (PART 1) | [ Lee Hyukjae / Eunhyuk Fanfiction ]

The Fact (PART 2) | [ Lee Hyukjae / Eunhyuk Fanfiction ] 



  • Ririn’s

Faster Than a Hearbeat [ Park Ririn Fanfiction ]

  • Kyuhyun’s

Still with This Love [ Cho Kyuhyun Fanfiction ]

Take Me Away [ Cho Kyuhyun Fanfiction ]

  • Donghae’s

For My M [ Lee Donghae Fanfiction ] 

  • Sungmin’s

Just Before Shock [ Lee Sungmin Fanfiction ]

  • KyuRin’s

It’s You (너라고) [ Cho Kyuhyun & Park Ririn Fanfiction ]

I’m The Winner ! [ Cho Kyuhyun & Park Ririn Fanfiction ]

Marry U [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ] || [[!! HIGHLIGHT !!]]

  • Changmin’s (dbsk/tvxq)

Extra Tutorial of Love [ Shim Changmin and Shim Minmi Fanfiction ]


  • DongHanRi

Short Story DongHanRi

Short Story DongHanRi 2

  • Donghae’s

Break Down [ Lee Donghae Fanfiction ]

A Sweet Gift [ Cho Kyuhyun and Park Ririn Fanfiction ]   || [[!! NEWEST !!]]

sorry before if there’s any typo !

enjoy them~



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  1. Just Nisa / Jun 12 2012 3:34 pm

    I’ve read your FF “Still with This Love” and that sooo awesome! DAEBAK. i really love the story line. the flashback are nicely placed at the story and that is the strong point of your FF
    i’ll read the rest of your FF here. keep writing!
    p.s: why don’t you try to write a novel eh? 😀 hehe

    • hachidarksky / Jun 13 2012 3:39 pm

      thankyou thankyou soo much *deepbows*
      ok I’m going to keep writing 😀

      lol, novel? mm~ if i can, i want to try.. XD

  2. Just Nisa / Jun 13 2012 2:37 pm

    well, where did my comment, i posted that few days ago -.-

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